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Marketing Department

The marketing team of Halavei Trading Company consists of experienced people in the field of brand management, graphic design and professional marketers who try to retain current customers with their own efforts and also try to grow sales and attract potential customers and identify their needs and wants. . One of the most important tasks of this unit is to determine the target markets and focus on customer orientation, which tries to do this as accurately as possible by setting up continuous and temporary campaigns.One of the powerful parts of this unit is the content production team, which creates graphic elements, creates educational videos for products, targeted launches of the company's brands in the online space (site, blog, emails, social media) and offline (posters, banners, Boards and building dedicated stands) and with the goal of SEO has created an organic digital marketing strategy that is of great importance in the field of marketing today.The strategy of this unit from the beginning of the year with more focus on online space for launching new products and guidance of sales experts in this field and also creating more coordination with the sales team tries to make the most of this space and change the sales structure.

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